A special campaign to celebrate Porsche’s 70th anniversary

Expertise ― Marketing campaign website

Craft an entertaining interactive campaign based on the CSR 2 app, a popular free-to-play (F2P) drag racing game.


Leverage the community’s enthusiasm for the app’s stunning graphics and straightforward game mechanics to increase campaign reach.

Creative Solution

We created a web-based immersive 3D world map in just eight weeks. The map featured player-generated screenshots and game assets, geolocated in real time. By browsing the map, players could see just how vast the CSR 2 community was. Liking posts and sharing their own earned players additional in-game rewards, which gave them an advantage in terms of game progression.


More than 26,000 fan interactions.

More than just an F2P gaming app, CSR 2 proved to be a place where players could show their enthusiasm for the game and share their achievements with the world.