About Humanise

Let’s put human beings first

People are complex, and today’s business challenges are more complex than ever.

People aren’t binary. They’re multi-faceted, multicultural, multi-dimensional. It takes people like us with multiple points of view, to figure out solutions that help them out.

The Humanise Collective
The Humanise Collective

A collection of eight distinct businesses working together leads to infinite possibilities.

Humanise gives you access to complementary disciplines and eclectic skillsets without having to buy into a massive network.

Our approach
Types of expertise
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locations in north america
Our values
  • 01Listening

    Listening is everything. The more we listen to each other, the more we learn.

  • 02Generosity

    Generosity of time, energy, empathy and ideas. The more we share, the more we dare.

  • 03Caring

    Caring about people. Of course we care about the bottom line, but people are our top priority.

  • 04Excellence

    It’s what we aim for. We push our limits, and we go for it. We reinvent ourselves, we experiment, guided by the conviction that we can achieve anything.

Meet the leaders
Humans of Humanise

We don’t follow the leader, we work with them—and that’s how we lead the way. We are teammates. We are all geared to challenge and complement one another.

  • Sébastien Fauré
    Sébastien Fauré
    Senior Partner & Co-Founder (Humanise)
  • Jean-Sébastien Monty
    Jean-Sébastien Monty
    Senior Partner & Co-Founder (Humanise)
  • Wahn Yoon
    Wahn Yoon
    Co-founder and Co-president (L'Institut Idée)
  • Charles Beaulieu
    Charles Beaulieu
    Partner, Chief Innovation Officer (Glassroom)
  • Dave Gourde
    Dave Gourde
    President (Glassroom)
  • Ève Mathieu
    Ève Mathieu
    President (Fieldtrip)
  • Penelope Fridman
    Penelope Fridman
    Co-founder and Co-president (L'Institut Idée)
  • Christian Pichette
    Christian Pichette
    Senior Partner and President (BrandBourg)
  • Eric Demay
    Eric Demay
    Executive Producer (GSM)
  • François Bellehumeur
    François Bellehumeur
    Studio Director (GSM)
  • Shari Walczak
    Shari Walczak
    Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (The Garden)
  • Shane Ogilvie
    Shane Ogilvie
    Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer (The Garden)
  • Dan Sorotschynski
    Dan Sorotschynski
    President (Tulipe)