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We cultivate a collective spirit that nurtures positivity, fosters fun and unleashes creativity.
Showing our colors
How we take our coffee
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Humanise care & benefits
Because caring is sharing.
Your well-being = our obsession.
We listen to you. Your ideas, your feelings and your feedback are always welcomed.
Great insurance? We got you covered.
Here, you can be yourself and show your true colours.
Benefit from our generous vacation policy.
And yes, we also have coffee. And fruit. And cookies. And gummy bears. And happy hours. All free for our employees!
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Life at Humanise
Without our people, there is no collective. Our culture is the result of a synergy of dedicated humans. It encompasses everything, from how we interact to how we collaborate.
Creating meaningful connections is the name of the game.
Foster connections based on interests, hobbies and shared passions through our proprietary app developed in-house

Brain dates
Get matched with a random colleague from the collective and discover the human behind the job title

Masters share their passion for the craft with juniors through a 360° learning experience

Discover, play, listen, share and dance(!) in our unique 2-week onboarding program
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