A colourful homage to the Quebec landscape

Expertise ― Integrated marketing campaign
Date ― 2019

Reclaim Sico’s pride of place in the hearts and minds of Quebec consumers.


Highlight the brand’s Quebec roots by focusing on targeted cultural references.

Creative Solution

We created more than 150 colourful nods to Quebec culture in strategic locations all across the province.

Each execution highlighted a cultural reference associated with a colour from the Sico palette.

Whether as titles of Quebec films, songs or literary works, iconic place names, or even local animals, colourful tributes to Quebec popped up all over the place in association with Sico colours.


More than 1.5 million impressions in earned media.

An engagement rate 3 times better than average.

27% higher recall than the industry average.

A video completion rate 4 times greater than the industry average.