Drug Free Kids Canada

A sugary-sweet warning for pot-friendly Canadian parents.

Expertise ― Integrated marketing campaign
Date ― February 18, 2020 - June 28, 2020

Disprove the common belief that cannabis edibles are safer than smoking pot and spark a dialogue between parents and their kids.


Use dark humor, instead of the preachy scare-tactic approach typically used by PSAs, to serve up our message to pot-embracing parents of teens.

Creative solution

Our multi-media campaign brought to life one of the most innocent-looking and most popular forms of edibles. “Dark Gummies” featured a band of cute and seemingly harmless cannabis-infused gummy bears wreaking havoc and being downright despicable, in order to tell parents (and their kids) that edibles aren’t as innocent as they look. We chose gummy bears not only because they’re the most popular form of edible, but also because their childlike form is irresistibly appealing to kids, making them the perfect way to symbolize both the category and the problem.


Within weeks of its release, “Dark Gummies” was picked up by several news outlets. Even with no social media investment, the video still managed to receive nearly 10x more views than any video on the brand’s YouTube channel. DFK also experienced their highest engagement scores to date across all of their owned social media channels. In the end, the campaign achieved exactly what it set out to do: open the dialogue between parents and their kids when it comes to cannabis edibles.