Send a Solo

Expertise ― Brand equity - Engagement - Social media
Date ― May 22, 2020 - June 5, 2020

Desjardins is relatively new to English Canada and recognition of the brand is still being built. As a financial cooperative that puts people before profits, Desjardins saw the COVID crisis as the perfect time to demonstrate its commitment to caring for all Canadians.

Creative solution

To support out-of-work musicians and weary Canadians, we created “Send a Solo”, an initiative that generously employed musicians to perform solos for those who needed them most.

We began by capturing seven musicians performing live solos, in accordance with strict physical distancing laws. We then invited Canadians to nominate people for one of 100 virtual solos, lovingly performed by over 40 professional artists.


Reaching over 4 million Canadians with an emotional campaign that increased brand engagement, we were able to demonstrate what sets Desjardins apart from other financial institutions—putting people before profits.