Sephora Canada finds its voice

Expertise ― Brand book
Date ― Fall 2018

Adapt Sephora’s global brand DNA to the Canadian market while striking a perfect balance between prestige and approachability.


Get a feel for the brand in the Canadian market by conducting in-depth ethnographic research in the Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver areas and interviewing Sephora’s own make-up artists, associates and head office members.

Creative Solution

Through research and a collaborative work session with all stakeholders, we were able to identify creativity as a core beauty need state common to both clients and non-clients. We then translated this need state into an archetype, unique to Sephora Canada, that helped define the brand’s tone of voice.


The first-ever brand book for Sephora Canada, which has since become the essential how-to guide for tone of voice in all of the brand’s owned channels, including the web.