Together For Our Youth

Expertise ― Brand equity - Social responsibility - Experiential
Date ― Fall 2021

Desjardins has always been committed to supporting youth. And 2020, with all its ups and downs, proved especially challenging for student motivation. So for the 2021 back-to-school season, Desjardins set out to reaffirm its dedication to youth by inviting students to bounce back.


By using trampolines to show that the Together For Our Youth program is there to help young people get up to speed again, we created a campaign on the theme of “bouncing back”.

This campaign rolled out on a number of platforms that reach the 15-30-year-old demographic where they hang out: on campus, on public transit, in online videos, in digital audio, on TV and on social media. A partnership with Révolution, a popular Quebec televised dance competition, kept the momentum going.


The outcome for Desjardins: a positive perception among young people. But the real reward was putting a smile back on their faces.