Inspiring Woman – Ariane Perreault

This text originally appeared on the Grenier aux Nouvelles website, as part of their Inspiring Women feature. To view the original article, click here (French only).

“Bright, creative and generous, Ariane naturally gravitates toward helping others. And she’s never one to step away from a good challenge. After making a name for herself at Humanise as director of Bleublancrouge’s Brand Language team, Ariane recently made the leap to Fieldtrip Productions as creative director. She’s been putting her skills as a storyteller to good use ever since, using empathy, sensitivity and authenticity to reveal just what it is that makes people and brands tick.”

Ariane Perreault (she/her), creative director, Fieldtrip Productions

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

When I started out, my dad gave me some advice that still rings true today (oh hi, Dad!): “Don’t do anything that goes against your values or your instincts. Jobs come and go; so long as you have your integrity, you’ll always come out on top.”

Name one thing that really motivates you.

Sparking and nurturing relationships with smart, talented, committed individuals. Every day I’m amazed by them. And every day they teach me something new.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Anything Motown. Morning, noon or night, I never get tired of it.

Did you have a mentor? 

It would be impossible to name just one. I’ve had the chance to work for and with women who have believed in me, who have listened to what I had to say and have welcomed what I brought to the table, be it on the creative or the business end of things. It’s truly thanks to all their support that I’ve made it to where I am today, and it really makes me want to pay it forward every day.

When I got out of university, my passion for words and languages opened the door to the world of advertising, where I started out in language services before moving on to transcreation, one foot in production, the other in creative. I cut my teeth working as a language specialist, which taught me how to create using empathy and an attentive ear. I was truly able to explore all aspects of the job, with expertise in inclusive writing for marketing communications being my most recent achievement – and the one that is still dearest to my heart. For the past few years, I have also sat on the board of directors for a young non-profit, the Saint-Henri Jazz Society.

When I dive into a project, I give it all I’ve got. I go in head first with my values, my intuition, my feminist ideals always peeking through. But I always make sure to give the person in front of me the respect they deserve. The respect, their background and their experience deserve.

Before landing at Fieldtrip Productions, I worked hard, with the help of a small committee, to set up a pilot project aimed at offering a reduced work week and promoting greater well-being in the workplace, for my team as much as for me. I’m happy to say that this practice is now fully implemented throughout the Humanise Collective.

Today, I’m fortunate to hold a position that allows me to feed my creativity every day. While I’m able to keep the flame of inspiration burning through a personal practice, I’m also able to do so by being eternally curious – about the work of my colleagues and the people I collaborate with. Looking at something through the eyes of a motion designer, a sound engineer, an illustrator, and leaving just enough room for everyone to express themselves, you are able to achieve something that is much closer to the “truth,” the authenticity of what you’re trying to convey.

When you choose to show real interest in the person standing before you, you are able to capture the passion that inspires them to get out of bed every morning. Then can you tell a story that’s free of clichés, that’s truly outside the box. That right there, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.