Saint-Henri as a playground

Next week, I’ll be on vacation. No afternoons on the beach or long walks in the woods. From May 3 to 8, I’ll be vacationing just a stone’s throw from our Montreal offices, in Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy.

A jazz festival right next door

From May 3 to 8, 2022, the very first edition of Saint-Henri Jazz Week, a new jazz festival (not this one, another one) organized by the Saint-Henri Jazz Society, a non-profit organization that’s been very close to my heart since its creation in 2019.

From the very beginning, I was drawn to the organization’s mission: to keep Montreal jazz alive in the neighbourhoods in which it was born; to give artists new spaces in which to perform; to make the genre accessible to everyone; and to honour the history of the communities that have made the city’s jazz reputation what it is today.

Over the past three years, I have found much more than a seat on a board of directors. I’ve found a new playground for my creativity, and I’ve truly enjoyed exploring all the ins and outs of running an organization, from applying for grants to organizing an actual, real-life festival.

Contributing to the life of our host neighbourhood

For me, the neighbourhood in which you work is an extension of your living environment. When you move to a community, you add to its economic vitality, but you also have the power to contribute to its social and cultural life. And in a place like Saint-Henri, which is currently going through a profound transformation, art has the potential to act as a strong social glue.

My experience working in a cultural organization has allowed me to broaden my horizons, try new things, make mistakes, discover new skills and accept to take on risks. And it’s allowed me to bring all these things that I’ve learned together, and apply them to my career path.

I’m proud of Bleublancrouge and all the members of the collective who agreed to lend their talents to the Saint-Henri Jazz Society while it was still in its infancy, guiding the organization’s reflective process and conjuring up its brand image. Thank you, Humanise!

Follow the music!

From May 3 to 8, I invite each of you to come and experience this pride with me and to get to know our neighbours.

Each day at noon, pack your lunch and join us for an hour of free jazz at the corner of Notre-Dame and Rose-de-Lima.

And from Tuesday through Friday, come check out Vin & Vinyle, where we sip on natural wine (selected by Les Décuveurs) as we listen to various jazz musicians share their favourite album with us. It’s going to be mellow, it’s going to be smooth, and it’s going to be right next door!

New York masters, renowned Montreal artists and the best the new generation has to offer will all be sharing the neighbourhood with us next week! Follow @sainthenrijazz on Instagram or visit to see the full lineup!

Ariane Perreault, Creative Director at Fieldtrip