Leisure wear with a Humanise flair

The pandemic has slowed down life in many ways, but not in the advertising world. In our world, things continue to move at top speed – except that for a long time we were all at home, in our own bubble.

After a few weeks of enjoying the comforts of home, it became obvious pretty quickly that our employees were missing one another. And missing their daily interactions. So how could we keep morale and motivation up remotely? And above all, how could we thank them for their major contributions as the end of the year approached, especially considering that our long-awaited holiday party wasn’t an option?

To thank the members of the collective for giving their all despite the December 2020 lockdown, the creative team wanted to offer them something warm and comforting for the holidays. So what better way to reinforce the feeling of belonging than with a collection of soft clothing in the colours of the collective, and a live unboxing on Zoom! Working hard is so much easier when you’re wrapped in soft – it’s a definite plus to working from home!

Comforting comfort 

With a customized Humanise outfit, our employees were more than comfortable (and stylish!) working from home. We designed, printed and delivered the ultimate collection of loungewear (a sweatshirt, sweatpants, T-shirt and beanie) for each human in the collective. Together, in our way-comfortable jogging suits, we felt a little less alone.

An idea appreciated by all

The response from our employees was immediate. They were surprised and touched to receive such a thoughtful gift in our brand colours. And many of them were happy to share photos of their comfy new getup on social media, with grateful comments to boot. It was proof positive that our Humanise community could cross over from the real to the virtual. 

The little things that bring us together are a key element in keeping our own staff healthy and happy!