Star Lounge, a highly immersive VIP experience

Expertise ― Branded experience

Transform a rudimentary terrace into a welcoming VIP space where Mercedes-Benz could host important contacts from all around the world.


Create an unforgettable hosting experience by conducting extensive research on the audience, the Mercedes-Benz brand and previous car show installations in an effort to enhance the brand essence and showcase the Montreal spirit.

Creative Solution

We created an immersive environment that made each visitor feel they were living an exclusive experience, from their arrival by boat to their being treated to the services of an internationally renowned barber. Scenography inspired by the science of aerodynamics, playing on points of view and contrasting elements, paid homage to the Mercedes-Benz brand universe. An ultra-realistic Formula 1 virtual reality simulator and a high-end culinary experience topped it all off, giving the whole experience a typically Montreal vibe.


Three days, 3,000 participants.

A higher satisfaction rate than other Grand Prix experiences worldwide.

An average in-space dwell time of 2.37 hours per participant.

A fully occupied experiential area 98% of the time.