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Whether we’re capturing insights out in the field, creating thoughtful digital experiences, seeing behaviour through data, imagining inviting spaces or developing strategies by leveraging connected intelligence, we draw on our eclectic skillset to create bold, purpose-driven solutions that help brands better reach people.

Youville Haussmann Park

Events & experiential

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Let’s lead the age of the human

We are living in a time when social norms are being challenged in fundamental ways. Human beings have made it clear that they expect more from their governments, from companies and brands, and from one another. We must listen more closely, demonstrate more empathy and connect more sincerely. Brands who meet this challenge will have the ability to reach people in a far more meaningful way than merely as “sellers of goods.”

Some of our collaborative work

Sephora - Finding Canada’s Voice


For the first time ever in the history of Sephora, we developed a brand book presenting a localized approach to the Sephora tone of voice while leveraging the core aspects of Sephora’s global DNA. This brandbook became the how-to guide for tone of voice in all Sephora Canada owned channels, and was the result of rigorous ethnographic research conducted in the Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver areas.

Bleublancrouge - Fieldtrip

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BRP - Can Am Spyder

Publicity and optimization

The unique Spyder touring vehicle, while popular in Canada, was not selling in the U.S. market. We launched “Open Your Road”, a complete repositioning of the product with a multi-channel, multi-region campaign. Using our unique capabilities in the real-time optimization of creative executions based on cultural sensitivities and consumer reactions, we achieved a 10% increase in dealership sales, after eight consecutive years of declining sales.

L’Institut Idée - Bleublancrouge - Glassroom

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Ubisoft - Assassin’s Creed Origins

Digital branded content

To restore the popularity of one of the world’s most famous video games, we created a hugely successful multi-channel experiential program where gamers could book immersive guided tours within the actual game build. There, they could explore never-before-seen regions of the game map and bring back digital memories in the form of Instagram and Facebook-like stories that they could then customize and share everywhere on their social platforms—just as any excited tourist would.

Bleublancrouge - Alice & Smith - U92

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Mercedes-Benz - Star Lounge

Branded experience

For the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal, we transformed a rudimentary terrace into an extraordinary VIP space where Mercedes-Benz could invite all their important contacts. We created an immersive yet open environment, with scenography inspired by the science of aerodynamics. Playing on points of view and the tension between intimacy/openness and shadow/light, it paid homage to the Mercedes-Benz brand universe. Objectives for dwell time and space usage were met and exceeded for a set of very demanding Mercedes-Benz fans.

Youville Haussmann Park

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COLD-FX - You season

Integrated Marketing Campaign

We positioned COLD-FX as a lifestyle brand after identifying a strong cultural tension that the brand could own and solve. COLD-FX became an ally in living life to the fullest, especially at the times you most want to be well, i.e. during “You Season”. For the first time in a decade, COLD-FX’s national sales improved by 15%, equating to an $2.7M increase.

L’institut Idée - Bleublancrouge - Glassroom

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Let's drink better - My liver

AI Chatbot

To raise consumer awareness around the issue of social alcohol abuse and help a new generation of regular drinkers drink more responsibly, we created My Liver, a conversational chatbot designed for social drinkers. This groundbreaking AI chatbot analyzes the effects of alcohol, tracks consumption, provides helpful, personalized advice, and tests users’ alcohol tolerance through mini-games. A global success requiring $0 in media investment, My Liver is now used in 56 countries worldwide.


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Youville Haussmann Park

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Partner and VP, Business Development

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What guides us

Independent and empowered thinkers produce better ideas. We cherish and preserve the freedom of each our member companies.

It is not naive to trust people, it is an act of wisdom. We trust our clients and team members, knowing that each of them has something essential to offer.

Breakthrough ideas require courage. And our courage comes from knowing we have the unconditional support of our clients and partners.

Top down is old school. A good idea can come form anyone so we empower and listen to those around us.

Only when we are generous with our time and energy, do we yield abundance. And Abundance is the mentality we choose.

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