Let’s drink better - My liver

AI Chatbot


The normalization of social drinking has given rise to a generation of chronic drinkers who find it difficult to keep their consumption to reasonable limits. Awareness campaigns barely move the needle on their rates of imbibing, nor do they succeed in influencing consumers to drink more responsibly.


To raise consumer awareness of this issue and help a new generation of regular drinkers drink more responsibly, the Quebec association Let’s Drink Better, a collective of restaurant and bar owners, wanted to give a voice to the part of you that remembers every drink you’ve ever had and every hangover you’ve suffered through: your liver.

Creative Solution

We created My Liver, a conversational chatbot designed for social drinkers. Available 24/7 on Facebook Messenger, My Liver analyzes the effects of alcohol, tracks consumption, provides helpful, personalized advice on how to avoid nasty hangovers, and tests users’ alcohol tolerance through mini-games. In My Liver, drinkers can find a real friend to talk to on nights out and, more importantly, a relevant tool to help manage their harmful consumption behaviour.


The conversational chatbot is currently used in 56 countries worldwide
Average time used per person: 6.81 days
Over 10,000 hangover selfies
Media investment: $0