COLD-FX - You season

Integrated Marketing Campaign


COLD-FX had experienced a series of challenges that contributed to a decline in POS and market share. Our challenge was to work closely with the client team to stabilize the business with current consumers while attracting a whole new set of fans.


Identify a strong cultural tension that COLD-FX could own and solve
Use this to position COLD-FX as a lifestyle brand
Test this new content via a marketing optimization approach
Use learnings to gain greater ROI from their marketing dollars


Through strategic workshops with the client, we identified four audience personas and cultural tensions that relate to COLD-FX. From this, we developed a messaging matrix to help tailor and deliver messages to each of the identified audiences, positioning COLD-FX as a brand that helps you live the life you want.

Creative Solution

Instead of the traditional symptomatic messaging from the competition focusing on the downside of flu season, we positioned COLD-FX as your ally in living life to the fullest, especially when you most want to be well, i.e. during “You Season”.


After the 2017/18 campaign came to a close, for the first time in a decade COLD-FX’s national sales improved by 15%, equating to an $2.7M increase.

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