BRP - Can-Am Spyder

Publicity and optimization


Despite the local popularity of Spyder in Canada, this unique 3-wheeled touring vehicle had gained little traction in the U.S. market. For years, BRP attempted to fight head to head with the market leaders (Harley-Davidson, BMW, etc.) and abided by the category codes of masculinity, virility and rebellion, despite Spyder being distinctly different from motorcycles.


Identify a strong emotional insight with our Structural Mapping Process (SMP)
Qualitative field research
Re-visit the brand and retail communications platform
Take a comprehensive optimization approach
Rebuild trust at dealer level


Our research and insight work revealed a much broader, and more diverse, audience mindset for Spyder than for traditional motorcycle riders. And this resulted in our developing an entirely new marketing platform called “Open Your Road”, which was about offering the freedom of the open road to those those who normally wouldn’t (or can’t) ride a traditional motorcycle.

Creative Solution

With Open Your Road, we developed a multi-channel, multi-region strategy for the U.S. market. We then used our unique capabilities in the real-time optimization of creative executions based audience personas and close tracking of conversions, to learn quickly and enhance results.


The number of leads redirected to dealerships nearly doubled, while the investment was nearly cut in half. When all was said and done, our efforts resulted in a 10% increase in dealership sales, and a significant increase in profit.

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