Client: Sico

A colourful homage to Quebec

Sico wanted to reaffirm the privileged relationship it enjoys within the province of Quebec.

Sico is especially proud of its Quebec roots and the strong relationship it has built with Quebecers over its 80 years. The brand was delighted to be the paint of choice for Quebec consumers and didn’t take their love for granted.


Competitors from elsewhere were increasingly squeezing their way into the local market, and Sico wanted to find a way to stay on top in the hearts and minds of loyal Quebecers.

Strategy & creative solution

We created more than 150 distinct, colourful nods to Quebec culture, then presented them in every nook and cranny of the province. Using both digital and traditional placement, each colourful reference was located in a strategic place chosen for its local relevance. In each execution, the mention of the colour—with its reference—was presented on a Sico palette. Quebecers found colourful tributes to Quebec songs in music venues, colourful homages to its cinema in movie theatres and colourful mentions of local literary works in bookstores. The individual creative placements went as far as paint names based on animals displayed in the woods near campgrounds, and aboard cruise ships sailing up and down the St. Lawrence River.


With strategic placement and relevant creative that resonated, Quebecers were delighted with the campaign, and we were delighted with the results: More than 1.5 million impressions in earned media, an engagement rate that was 3 times the average, with 27% higher recall than the industry average, and a video completion rate 4 times greater than the industry average.