Client: Sephora

Finding Canada’s brand voice

Brand Book
February 1, 2020

We developed a brand book presenting a localized approach to Sephora’s tone of voice while leveraging the core aspects of Sephora’s global DNA.

This first ever Canadian brand book was a departure from the global brand, but it quickly became the how-to guide for the tone of voice in all Sephora-Canada-owned channels. It was the result of rigorous ethnographic research conducted in the Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver areas.


Sephora Canada struggled in recent years to find the proper balance between prestige and approachability, causing confusion and brand fragmentation in the marketplace. Our task was to find this balance, while also adapting Sephora’s global brand DNA to the Canadian market.


Using BBR’s unique Fieldtrip experts, we conducted in-depth ethnographic research in which real consumers represented Sephora’s different audience segments in the Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver areas. Interviews were also conducted with Sephora’s own make-up artists, associates, and head office members. The process culminated in a two-day work session with all stakeholders.


The research identified a core beauty need state common to both clients and non-clients. This need state was then translated into an archetype, unique to Sephora Canada, that would become the guiding light for defining the brand’s tone of voice.


We developed the first-ever brand book for Sephora in Canada, which has since become the essential how-to guide for operationalizing tone of voice in all Sephora-Canada-owned channels, including web.