Client: Zynga

CSR2 Global Marketing


CSR2 is a F2P drag racing game developed by Zynga (ZYNGA – NASDAQ). With this fanbase already in place, Zynga wanted to craft a special campaign to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche.

With its stunning graphics and straightforward game mechanics, the app quickly catered to car enthusiasts by using real-life brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari.


From the start, our main idea was clear. We wanted to leverage the community’s passion for the game to help us increase the reach of our campaign, avoiding other banners’ campaign strategies.


We wanted this promotion to have Alice & Smith’s signature: crafting an entertaining and interactive campaign that would stand out from the rest.

Creative solution

In just eight weeks, we created a web-based immersive 3D world map that helped visualize the scope of the global community. The map featured player-generated screenshots and assets of the game, and geolocalized them in real time. By browsing the 3D world map, the players could now see just how vast the CSR2 community was, and by liking posts and sharing their own, they were granted additional in-game rewards, giving them an advantage in terms of progression. Through this project, we let the community show their passion for the game and rewarded them for their engagement.


The campaign reached 26,000 contributions from fans and showed newcomers that CSR2 was more than a F2P gaming app—it was a place where they could show their enthusiasm and achievements worldwide.