Client: No Man's Sky

Alternate reality game

Digital branded content

We wanted to give back to the community and thank the fans who had remained enthusiastic and active since the beginning.


When we were approached to create an event to celebrate the first anniversary of No Man’s Sky’s release and upcoming patch updates, our goal was to build a positive and fun experience for the fanbase.


We believed that the best way to connect with and thank fans was to create engaging and collaborative events that would bring fans from around the world together, create new friendships, and have them share their passion for this unique universe.

Creative solution

We created Waking Titan, a six-chapter transmedia ARG event that ran for more than eighteen months. While creating content for Waking Titan, we were able to turn to the rich complexity of the No Man’s Sky procedurally generated universe and build a storyline that explored some of the elaborate topics that surrounded the game and its origin. This narrative also created a very creative platform to give players ongoing updates, teasers and sneak peeks at upcoming content.

The Waking Titan universe was huge. With puzzles and events almost every single weekend, it spanned over multiple touchpoints—16 radio stations around the world, dozens of websites, voicemails, NPCs, YouTube channels, forums, Discord servers, physical locations, and many, many, many more. It also included crafting and community puzzles that showed the scope, passion and talents of the global fanbase.

In addition to all of these digital avenues that players could explore on their own, we also created live events in Boston, New York, Paris, London, and Montreal. We also sent out physical packages, mystery boxes, and mementos to thousands of players so that they could hold a piece of the experience in their hands and know that their involvement wasn’t overlooked.


This experience resulted in 2.5 million puzzle-solving attempts, 800,000 interactions with our chatbots and terminals, and countless 3 AM panic attacks on Discord as we worked to make sure everything ran smoothly for our players, and that the narrative picked up and evolved.